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Product: QC OnCall 2.0
  QCOC 2.0 - Setup Windows XP to prompt you to backup the QC OnCall Database using the QCOnCall Database Utilities Backup and Restore tool.

  QCOC 2.0 - Setup the Import Program to automatically start.

  QCOC 2.0 - How to change the password for the user 'sa'

  QCOC 2.0 - Completely Un-Install QC OnCall 2.0

  QCOC 2.0 - How to setup a New QC OnCall 2.0 Database to SQL Server Enterprise Manager.

  QCOC 2.0 - How to register the Action.ocx file

  QCOC 2.0 - How to repair the MDAC on Windows xp with Service Pack 2 installed.

  QCOC 2.0 - Using an Import file with QC OnCall

  QCOC 2.0 - Whenever I launch QC OnCall (or another program) the QC OnCall Windows installer comes up.

  QCOC 2.0- Why are all my tests for a certain lot or lots displaying in duplicate?

  QCOC 2.0 - During install, what does the following error mean? 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime

  QCOC 2.0 - Whenever I launch QC OnCall, I get an error message 'Failed to create ODBC data source for Active X component can not create object.'

  QCOC 2.0 - I use an import file provided by Bio-Rad and none of my tests show up in the Browse tree

  QCOC 2.0 - I have a Lot Number which keeps having duplicate tests.

  QCOC 2.0 - An error message appears when trying to recieve a Codelist update or attempting to send data.

  QCOC 2.0 - Error message 'Object is required' appears when I try to reconcile all labs and send it to Bio-Rad.

  QCOC 2.0 - After upgrading from 1.1 to 2.0, the Action log screen comes up blank.

  QCOC 2.0 - I upgraded from 1.1 to 2.0, some users cannot delete or modify data.

  QCOC 2.0 - The database never gets installed when I Install or upgrade to 2.0.

  QCOC 2.0 - Data points that should be rejected are not when using the Connectivity Mapper.

  QCOC 2.0 - I want to upgrade to v2.0 and I am connected using the LIS Mapper.

  QCOC 2.0 - I imported data and my point data is in a random date order.

  QCOC 2.0 - Error Message meaning of Unhandled Exception - The Index is out of the bounds of the Array.

  QCOC 2.0 - My Import Utility does not say Process Started, and my data does not get imported.

  QCOC 2.0 - I connected to my existing database and opened QC OnCall, my labs and lots are there, but my data is missing.

  QCOC 2.0 - I want to update my QC OnCall 2.0 to the current patch.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot save Fixed Means and SD's after my upgrade to 2.0.

  QCOC 2.0 - I am trying to import my data and I get this Unhandled Exception: "Input string was not in a correct format"

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot turn on Instant QC.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot accept rejected data points.

  QCOC 2.0 - Appending QCDAO to SQL Server

  QCOC 2.0 - I am having problems with the DSN Setup.

  QCOC 2.0 - I am trying to Import Data and the Import program does not seem to find my data file.

  QCOC 2.0 - I am having trouble installing the QC OnCall Software.

  QCOC 2.0 - What type of connection will be initiated between the server/client and the Bio-Rad web page to upload data to the web server?

  QCOC 2.0 - Specifically, please give details on one-way connection or two-way connection between QC OnCall and Unity Central over the Internet.

  QCOC 2.0 - Is the website that views resulting data a secure website?

  QCOC 2.0 - What version of the database will be used by the server application loaded onto an end user's workstation?

  QCOC 2.0 - Is there a limit to how many users can access the database at the same time?

  QCOC 2.0 - What are the instructions to run the Service Pack 5 Update.

  QCOC 2.0 - I need to restore my QC OnCall data but I only have my qcdao.mdf and qcdao.ldf files.

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I backup the registry before I make changes?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I change the lot expiration date for non-Bio-Rad lots that I have already created and I am currently using.

  QCOC 2.0 - How to uninstall QConCall 2.0 completely.

  QCOC 2.0 - I get an "Illegal Operation Error" when I open a lot or a test and sometimes I get this error when I use some other functions of the QC OnCall such as saving, updating, entering data, etc.

  QCOC 2.0 - I double click on the test and I get an error message "invalid field name.”

  QCOC 2.0 - When installing a Service Pack, an error message in Windows XP says “invalid win32”

  QCOC 2.0 - I am unable to send data to BIO-RAD.

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I create another database for QC OnCall?

  QCOC 2.0 - Can I Install QC OnCall in a Citrix Environment?

  QCOC 2.0 - Copy the Local QC OnCall Database to a Network Server for QC OnCall v2.0

  QCOC 2.0 - I am getting a new PC. What do I need to do to save my data?

  To Remove QC OnCall 1.1 or 2.0 (Option 2)

  QCOC 2.0 - The QCDAO Log file is too large (Option 1)

  QCOC 2.0 - Why am I getting a message that the test is in use and I will only be able to view data?

  QCOC 2.0 - My Fixed Means and SD's are not working.

  QCOC 2.0 - The QCDAO Log file is too large. (Option 2)

  QCOC 2.0 - I need to delete a date from a certain date range

  QCOC 2.0 - I need to insert some data between 2 rows of existing data.

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I send my data to Bio-rad?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I sort my tests in a specific order?

  QCOC 2.0 - Is there a limit to how many users can access the database at the same time?

  QCOC 2.0 - Why is data that is imported through the connectivity solution getting rejected for rules that are set to warn?

  QCOC 2.0 - Tabbing between tests within charts with F5, all tests except first one is blank.

  QCOC 2.0 - I have a problem with Unique Instrument ID's in the Connectivity Mapper.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot import my data larger than 300kb.

  QCOC 2.0 - My 2 Vitros instrument is having problems in the Connectivity Mapper.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot view the Summary report in panel Mode.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot view the supervisor report in panel mode.

  QCOC 2.0 - I cannot view statistical information for a control that has less than 3 levels in use.

  QCOC 2.0 - All of my values are on the Mean, but I am getting rule violations.

  QCOC 2.0 - I have a data point that is violating a rule, but is not being evaluated after importing my data. I also have redundant data in multiple files to import.

  QCOC 2.0 - After I tab over a data line, I loose my comments and actions.

  QCOC 2.0 - My data is showing a decimal which should be displayed as a comma.

  QCOC 2.0 - My Fixed Mean and SD do not display when using Levels 2 and 3 of a tri-level control.

  QCOC 2.0 - I upgraded from 1.1 and some users can't modify or add action logs.

  QCOC 2.0 - Some users can't change rejected point to accepted or vice versa after the upgrade form 1.1.

  QCOC 2.0 - I get Error message Failed Login QCDAO when I use Multi-LJ Charts.

  QCOC 2.0 - The Import Utility will not allow me to login.

  QCOC 2.0 - The Connectivity Mapper will not allow me to login.

  QCOC 2.0 - What database does QC OnCall use?

  QCOC 2.0 - What are the minimum requirements for QC OnCall 2.0?

  QCOC 2.0 - Can I load the QC OnCall database into any configuration of SQLServer?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I import a Registry from a hive file in windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I backup the whole Registry keys in Windows 2000/XP?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I backup the whole Registry keys in Windows 95/98?

  QCOC 2.0 - Can I delete multiple rows of data on the data entry screen?

  QCOC 2.0 - Is there a user guide for QC OnCall?

  QCOC 2.0 - What is the difference between deleting a lot and closing a lot?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I add an additional lab number?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I add a new User or Change Permissions?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I add my new Lab Number?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I setup a new Control that I have not used before?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I change to a new lot number for an existing control?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I set my SPC Rules?

  QCOC 2.0 - How can I arrange or sort my tests?

  QCOC 2.0 - How can I setup my Analytical Goals?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I know which version of QConCall I have?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I setup panels and simplify the Data review process?

  QCOC 2.0 - What is my "Version Number"?

  QCOC 2.0 - If I wanted to move the database to SQL Server, what would be the minimum requirements for SQL Server?

  QCOC 2.0 - VITROS instruments using slide generations

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I update lot numbers?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I define tests using instrument setup?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I view the rejection log?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I select rules at the test level?

  QCOC - Is there a Users guide for QC OnCall?

  QCOC 2.0 - Why am I having trouble connecting to the QCDAO database that was installed on a server?

  QCOC 2.0 - If installing remotely, can I use an ISO image of the install CD which can be mounted on the server with QCOC?

  Unable to connect to the database on a SQL Server

  QCOC 2.0 - Why do I see the same test listed twice when duplicating a non-Bio-Rad lot with an existing test?

  QCOC 2.0 - How do I install a Service Pack manually?

  QCOC - Bio-Rad Quality Control Program sent me a notice about a change to my methodology or reagent?

  QCOnCall is unable to connect to a remote database.

  QCOC 2.0 - Whenever I try to make a test in non-BioRad lot, it appears twice on the left side of the screen

  QCOC - How can I Enable/Disable Automatic Actions Logs?

  ERROR in QC OnCall: “The ordinal 1432 could not be located in the dynamic link library CRPE32.dll”

  QCOC - Windows Installer Issue for QC Oncall

  QCOC 2.0 - Why is data I enter manually not being saved for certain tests?

  Steps to install the import tool as a service

  I am unable to send data to Bio-Rad and/or Unity Central.

  When restoring a database backup I get old data.

  I am having difficulty removing the .Net Framework.

  How do I remove and reinstall all necessary .Net Frameworks (all versions)?

  The Analytical Goals Mean/CV for (Method and All Instruments) is displaying an incorrect date.